Sunday, November 1, 2009

" syah hashiye " a collase of stories on roits directed by apurva shah

"syah hashiye" is the collection of stories of Saadat Hasan 'Manto' .
It is all about riots.
He wrote these stories during the time of partition of India and Pakistan about those riots.
These are contemporary today also.
The best thing described in these stories is that there is no mention of any religion particularly and in very few words, the conditions are outlined in a very good manner.
Manto had the quality of describing the stories without any type of 'beauty' of the litrature . He wrote what he felt . It became the BEAUTY of his works .
He felt the emotions of people of the time of riots very deeply and in very bad manner .
What normally occurs in the riots?
What happens to the people, how a common man turns in to devil in such hard conditions? Where there is no humanity, no food and no hope of survival.
When one has to be very careful of any person because he may be of other religion and may be hazardous to have words with him.
When your psychology works in an absolute manner.
when your family is killed and one's life can be saved by killing others .
The diversity of food, clothing, the revenge of the silent people, the cruelty over females and kids are storied by Manto in very great style.
He has been the most contradictory writer of the history of urdu and hindi litrature .

The young energetic team of fresh actors along with the new dynamic very young female director ‘apurva shah’ try to put visual sequences of these stories as we "JOSH" interpreted it.
the stories are 'dawat-e-amal' , 'haiwaniyat' , 'aram ki zaroorat' , 'mistake' , 'bekhabari ka fayda' , 'joota' , 'shanti' , 'majduri' , 'mizazpursi' , 'halaal ka jhatka' , 'hamesha ki chutti' , 'khabardar' , 'kismat' , 'batwaara' ,'peshbandi' , pathaanistan' , 'riyayat' .

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