Sunday, November 8, 2009

'The other side' and 'syah haashiye' a rocking hit show : reviews

It was its type of own show .
The very first show in lucknow which contained two ironic thoughtful plays , one in english and another in hindi .
Every news paper covered it and gave very good reviews .
Many times it might be seen that there are one or two papers which publishes the drawbacks of the play among all papers .
But no one was out there to criticise it this time .

We , josh , rocked that night .
The show got maximum number of sponsers till the history .
The director was all praised along with all the actors .
We got the good reviews for the backstage , music scores and the set .

There were many hardles till the last minute .
But all went great .
Now we are much confident of our work as we did two big plays in a very short time .
We now onwards working on 6-7 scripts .
So wait .
We'll be back with the bang .

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