Monday, November 2, 2009

the other side " an english play " directed by apurva shah

The other side is written by famous writer jack sturt Knapp.
It is all about the other sides of the aspects we don't see.

The plot is set in mid centuries somewhere in an English country where the death punishment 'the capital punishment' is given to the criminal by giving the electric shocks until he dies.
An old and experienced person is at job to on the switch of the electric chair.
But he is totally confused to kill the criminal when he comes to know that he would have to kill his own son .
He doesn't want to do this.
His officer consoles him that it is just his duty.
He should do it for the sake of his family.
Now he has to choose a way between love and duty .
He has to keep his words what he said to the new guard who was also afraid on his first execution .
He was told just before then by the executioner that when he was also young he also did feel the same but he did his work and moved on from his weak feelings and sympathy.
Now he has to keep the words for his duty .
Along side a sharp chronicle reporter also covers the whole story for the news.
And The son for whom, he started doing this all and who turned out to be a criminal is to be killed by his father .

What way will he choose ?

It is actually a dark satire play about our ambitions which we put over the emotions in the road of our work and duty.
On being normally a skit, director apurva shah found a scope in this script to do something.
And to put her view in front of the audience of Lucknow theatre where English plays are not common.
And where if any English play is staged it is not worth praising.

cast : vishal srivastava , rishabh dixit , anurag mishra , vidit tripathi .
time : 6:30 pm
date : 4th nov 2009
venue : rai umanath bali audi , qaiserbagh , Lucknow

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